I Wanted Longer and Thicker Lashes

Everyone in my family had really nice eyelashes but me. Even my brothers had nicer eyelashes than me! While their lashes were thick and full, mine were very thin. When I would look at some pictures that were taken of me before I had a Singapore eyelash extension procedure done, it even looked like I did not have any at all! I knew that I had to do something because my self esteem was taking a beating. I thought that I would just do some fake eyelashes, but they honestly looked worse than my own thin lashes.

I went online to find some suggestions elsewhere, because I knew that I could not be the only person in this particular boat. That is how I found out about the Singapore treatment where eyelashes are extended in a number of different ways. There was the cluster lash, the lash by lash, the sexy lash and more. I thought that I might like the Cirrus Lash because it involves attaching multiple lashes to an existing lash, which would make the finished product filled with a lot of volume. I was not sure I wanted to make such a dramatic change though, which is why I decided to go with something a little more mild.

Instead of attaching between three to six lashes to my own individual eyelashes, I decided to go with the procedure where only one lash would be attached to each of my own lashes. The finished look is nothing short of amazing. I love the thickness and length, and I am no longer embarrassed about taking pictures with my family now. My eyelashes may not be natural like theirs, but mine look every bit as good as theirs does. You can’t even tell theirs apart from mine, which is just a testament to the procedure I had done!

I Look Younger Now After the Work I Had Done

It is so strange how your body changes over the years as you age. Things you never thought about changing suddenly change, and then you find yourself not feeling very good about yourself. One example of this is teeth. I always saw people’s hair and skin changing as they age, but your teeth can change, too. This is what happened to me. I felt much more down about the way I smile than anything else. Getting Invisalign and also having my teeth whitened really helped me to get back to a happy mouth again.

Everyone knows that your teeth can be stained by things like tea and soft drink overtime. I am a very big tea drinker. I drink both the hot and cold kind. They are my two favorite drinks besides soft drinks. So, my teeth have always had trouble with looking stained. But the older I got, the worse it looked. I wanted to change that because it really made me older. And then, over time, my teeth became very crooked. This was something that I never expected to happen. My teeth always looked so nice and straight. But they became so crooked that they were a distraction for me and others. A distraction for me because I could feel how crooked they were in my mouth. A problem for other people because they were distracted by it. It was very odd. I needed to fix that.

I thought I would be stuck with a mouth full of metal braces, but my dentists introduced me to Invisalign and how they are perfect for older adults. First, he worked on making my teeth whiter, and that provided a really welcome change. Then, he got me fitted for the new system that would put my teeth back into place. I would say it took about 10 years off my face when the work was all done!

We Needed a Rooftop Air Conditioner

When my husband and I purchased an eight room office building in Manhattan for our business, we knew that we were going to have to make some upgrades to it. We did not mind that because we were able to get the building rather cheap, and we knew that we could do the majority of the work. We could handle the painting and cleaning, so we would just need to find a company that does AC installation in New York City and then worry about the floors last. I knew that we needed to find the right company to install the AC system before we even did any of the other work because of how hot it was inside the building.

There were a couple of window units, but they were so old and I honestly did not even want to turn them on. I knew that we could have went the same route and saved some money, but I wanted to have central air throughout the building. I wanted us to be comfortable as well as our workers and clients, and that was truly the only answer to make sure they were.

I started reading about Air Repair, which is a company that installs air conditioners as well as repairs them. I was really glad that they had so much information on their website about commercial buildings, because it is definitely different than what I was expecting. I thought it would be the same as our house, but rooftop units are better for commercial buildings. I called them up and scheduled an appointment for them to come out and install a new unit, and they were able to do it quicker than I could have hoped for. Now that it is done, we can focus on getting everything cleaned and painted so we can move in and start helping customers again.

I Needed a Free Word Processing Program

A lot of my friends have fancy word processor programs on their computers and tablets, but I decided to look around to see if I could find a free word processor that was functional and easy to use rather than spend a small fortune on one that has so many features on it that I knew I would only use a very small fraction of them. I just didn’t believe in paying for something that I would not be using 100 percent. While I did need a word processor, I did not need all the extra things that come with a word processing program that makes the price jump even higher.

I went online and did a search to find a free processing program, and that is how I found Write! I knew as soon as I saw it that it was the perfect program for me. I liked that has a very basic look about it. I don’t need a program telling me to fix something with every word that I type into it, which is what it seems like some of my friends’ programs do. I didn’t want suggestions on active or passive voice, or a number of other things as well.

I just wanted to be able to type out my thoughts on my blog with a basic word processing program. That is exactly what Write! offers to people who use their program. There are no distractions when using it, and I am able to focus on my words instead of fixing things as they pop up. Some people like that, but it just makes me lose my train of thought. I have been using this word processing program for several months now, and I think my friends are actually wishing they would have looked around before buying their programs too!

Environmentally Friendly Tech in Nigeria

I have been interested in environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies and industry practices for about a decade, but I haven’t done much to advocate about the matter in the past. I am thinking about making a blog that is devoted to the topic, so I am going to have to do research for the subject. I have been reading about a Mr. Chagoury who has had a role in implimenting some green technologies in Nigeria, which is an interesting topic to me. I am very interested in the progress that is being made in third-world countries towards switching to greener technologies.

I know that in a vast majority of said country, the progress is going to be very limited, to non-existant, and further, the prospects for such a switch are likely to be pretty bleak. But that is not unexpected, because a lot of these countries simply have much more pressing issues on their hands, to be able to devote many resources towards switching to environmentally friendly technologies. Though, with the agreement that was made in Paris recently, there will hopefully be a much more noticeable and sustained effort towards protecting the environment across all of the world’s countries. I don’t know many countries actually signed the agreement off of the top of my head, but I do know that it was a lot.

I am going to read some more information about the individual that I mentioned above, and his work in Nigeria. I want to see how much of an impact it is actually having on how Nigeria is contributing to global warming and other causes of man-made environmental impact within the area. I also want to take a look at the efforts of other countries in the area, and compare them to what is being done in Nigeria.

Working at a Moving Company

The job is pretty simple in some ways, but it is not something that you can do with no thinking. The people that I have been working for the past month are home movers in Singapore and obviously they get paid to safely take people’s stuff where they want it to be. That means you do not break stuff and you do not leave dents in it or stuff like that. When you take stuff out of the truck and bring it to the new place, they expect it all to be in the same shape that it was in when it was picked up. In fact they do not really trust me to do any of the thinking and they are really particular about how things are done. For example if you move a table you pick it straight up, because you do not want to drag the legs across the floor and catch them on obstacles.

The really amazing thing when you do this stuff is to see how much stuff can be packed into a truck by a person who really knows what he is doing. It would take me two trucks to get as much stuff in as they can get in one truck. Of course no one would be happy with me doing this job, at least with no one to supervise it. That is because you can not just sling stuff in the truck and expect it to arrive in pristine condition. You have to know exactly what you are doing when you put something here or there. The master technique is what they call building a shelf. That obviously means that you find things upon which more things can be placed on top of. However you have to use packing materials like blankets to keep them from moving about.