Working at a Moving Company

The job is pretty simple in some ways, but it is not something that you can do with no thinking. The people that I have been working for the past month are home movers in Singapore and obviously they get paid to safely take people’s stuff where they want it to be. That means you do not break stuff and you do not leave dents in it or stuff like that. When you take stuff out of the truck and bring it to the new place, they expect it all to be in the same shape that it was in when it was picked up. In fact they do not really trust me to do any of the thinking and they are really particular about how things are done. For example if you move a table you pick it straight up, because you do not want to drag the legs across the floor and catch them on obstacles.

The really amazing thing when you do this stuff is to see how much stuff can be packed into a truck by a person who really knows what he is doing. It would take me two trucks to get as much stuff in as they can get in one truck. Of course no one would be happy with me doing this job, at least with no one to supervise it. That is because you can not just sling stuff in the truck and expect it to arrive in pristine condition. You have to know exactly what you are doing when you put something here or there. The master technique is what they call building a shelf. That obviously means that you find things upon which more things can be placed on top of. However you have to use packing materials like blankets to keep them from moving about.