Environmentally Friendly Tech in Nigeria

I have been interested in environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies and industry practices for about a decade, but I haven’t done much to advocate about the matter in the past. I am thinking about making a blog that is devoted to the topic, so I am going to have to do research for the subject. I have been reading about a Mr. Chagoury who has had a role in implimenting some green technologies in Nigeria, which is an interesting topic to me. I am very interested in the progress that is being made in third-world countries towards switching to greener technologies.

I know that in a vast majority of said country, the progress is going to be very limited, to non-existant, and further, the prospects for such a switch are likely to be pretty bleak. But that is not unexpected, because a lot of these countries simply have much more pressing issues on their hands, to be able to devote many resources towards switching to environmentally friendly technologies. Though, with the agreement that was made in Paris recently, there will hopefully be a much more noticeable and sustained effort towards protecting the environment across all of the world’s countries. I don’t know many countries actually signed the agreement off of the top of my head, but I do know that it was a lot.

I am going to read some more information about the individual that I mentioned above, and his work in Nigeria. I want to see how much of an impact it is actually having on how Nigeria is contributing to global warming and other causes of man-made environmental impact within the area. I also want to take a look at the efforts of other countries in the area, and compare them to what is being done in Nigeria.