I Needed a Free Word Processing Program

A lot of my friends have fancy word processor programs on their computers and tablets, but I decided to look around to see if I could find a free word processor that was functional and easy to use rather than spend a small fortune on one that has so many features on it that I knew I would only use a very small fraction of them. I just didn’t believe in paying for something that I would not be using 100 percent. While I did need a word processor, I did not need all the extra things that come with a word processing program that makes the price jump even higher.

I went online and did a search to find a free processing program, and that is how I found Write! I knew as soon as I saw it that it was the perfect program for me. I liked that has a very basic look about it. I don’t need a program telling me to fix something with every word that I type into it, which is what it seems like some of my friends’ programs do. I didn’t want suggestions on active or passive voice, or a number of other things as well.

I just wanted to be able to type out my thoughts on my blog with a basic word processing program. That is exactly what Write! offers to people who use their program. There are no distractions when using it, and I am able to focus on my words instead of fixing things as they pop up. Some people like that, but it just makes me lose my train of thought. I have been using this word processing program for several months now, and I think my friends are actually wishing they would have looked around before buying their programs too!