I Look Younger Now After the Work I Had Done

It is so strange how your body changes over the years as you age. Things you never thought about changing suddenly change, and then you find yourself not feeling very good about yourself. One example of this is teeth. I always saw people’s hair and skin changing as they age, but your teeth can change, too. This is what happened to me. I felt much more down about the way I smile than anything else. Getting Invisalign and also having my teeth whitened really helped me to get back to a happy mouth again.

Everyone knows that your teeth can be stained by things like tea and soft drink overtime. I am a very big tea drinker. I drink both the hot and cold kind. They are my two favorite drinks besides soft drinks. So, my teeth have always had trouble with looking stained. But the older I got, the worse it looked. I wanted to change that because it really made me older. And then, over time, my teeth became very crooked. This was something that I never expected to happen. My teeth always looked so nice and straight. But they became so crooked that they were a distraction for me and others. A distraction for me because I could feel how crooked they were in my mouth. A problem for other people because they were distracted by it. It was very odd. I needed to fix that.

I thought I would be stuck with a mouth full of metal braces, but my dentists introduced me to Invisalign and how they are perfect for older adults. First, he worked on making my teeth whiter, and that provided a really welcome change. Then, he got me fitted for the new system that would put my teeth back into place. I would say it took about 10 years off my face when the work was all done!

We Needed a Rooftop Air Conditioner

When my husband and I purchased an eight room office building in Manhattan for our business, we knew that we were going to have to make some upgrades to it. We did not mind that because we were able to get the building rather cheap, and we knew that we could do the majority of the work. We could handle the painting and cleaning, so we would just need to find a company that does AC installation in New York City and then worry about the floors last. I knew that we needed to find the right company to install the AC system before we even did any of the other work because of how hot it was inside the building.

There were a couple of window units, but they were so old and I honestly did not even want to turn them on. I knew that we could have went the same route and saved some money, but I wanted to have central air throughout the building. I wanted us to be comfortable as well as our workers and clients, and that was truly the only answer to make sure they were.

I started reading about Air Repair, which is a company that installs air conditioners as well as repairs them. I was really glad that they had so much information on their website about commercial buildings, because it is definitely different than what I was expecting. I thought it would be the same as our house, but rooftop units are better for commercial buildings. I called them up and scheduled an appointment for them to come out and install a new unit, and they were able to do it quicker than I could have hoped for. Now that it is done, we can focus on getting everything cleaned and painted so we can move in and start helping customers again.