I Wanted Longer and Thicker Lashes

Everyone in my family had really nice eyelashes but me. Even my brothers had nicer eyelashes than me! While their lashes were thick and full, mine were very thin. When I would look at some pictures that were taken of me before I had a Singapore eyelash extension procedure done, it even looked like I did not have any at all! I knew that I had to do something because my self esteem was taking a beating. I thought that I would just do some fake eyelashes, but they honestly looked worse than my own thin lashes.

I went online to find some suggestions elsewhere, because I knew that I could not be the only person in this particular boat. That is how I found out about the Singapore treatment where eyelashes are extended in a number of different ways. There was the cluster lash, the lash by lash, the sexy lash and more. I thought that I might like the Cirrus Lash because it involves attaching multiple lashes to an existing lash, which would make the finished product filled with a lot of volume. I was not sure I wanted to make such a dramatic change though, which is why I decided to go with something a little more mild.

Instead of attaching between three to six lashes to my own individual eyelashes, I decided to go with the procedure where only one lash would be attached to each of my own lashes. The finished look is nothing short of amazing. I love the thickness and length, and I am no longer embarrassed about taking pictures with my family now. My eyelashes may not be natural like theirs, but mine look every bit as good as theirs does. You can’t even tell theirs apart from mine, which is just a testament to the procedure I had done!