I Started My New Job This Week

It is not the greatest job in the world, in essence I am just a drone working at something that is called a fulfillment center. This is how it works, when you order something on the internet the order does not always go to the place where you bought it from. That is something that requires an infrastructure and it requires payroll. You need people and you need a system, for example one of our clients makes stuff like natural deodorant in Canada along with some other organic products like sunscreen. It is not a big company and it would be expensive for them to dedicate the money and resources to pack up and ship out their products. Of course the fact that they are in Canada is a complicating factor as well. At any rate they find it both cheaper and less irksome to pay this company to do that stuff. In fact you could literally run a web page that sells things, while doing almost none of the work on your own. It is foolish to handle the credit card processing on your own, you do not want to be liable for the private information involved.

At any rate this is not a good job in any way. The really annoying thing is the part where they make you go through security every time you go in or out of the place. This is not on the clock it would seem and every one of us is very unhappy about this. Over the course of the week it probably adds up to around four or five hours, which would be a bit of money if you were being paid. Of course if I were going to steal something from the place I would just ship it out in one of the boxes.