Get Power Tool Parts and Fix Rather Than Replace Your Pro Power Tools

Up here in Canada the winters are a whole lot different than when I worked in the States down south. The cold sure can wreak havoc on tools I use on the job too. Plastics become much more brittle and crack more easily in the cold. Batteries need to be recharged more often too. The cold robs them of peak efficiency. I rely on power tools on the job every day. I seem to be able to go through the entire summer without breaking any power tools. However, in the winter, I am buying power tool parts to fix the drills, saws and other things I use on the job.

I still have a couple of tools that use cords too. The unlimited power is nice. Power tools with cords are fine for something you use at a fixed location such as a circular saw. I even have a big drill that plugs in. It has a lot of power that no battery-powered drill can match. I use it for some tough drilling through masonry. It is old. My dad gave it too me, and I can still find parts to fix it. Some of the motors on power tools still have brushes that eventually wear out. They are user-replaceable on many models. A popular brand of rotary tool tells you how to replace the brushes for their brand in the instruction manual. You know you have either kept a tool a long time or use it a lot if you need to replace the brushes on the motor.

I go to a website that sells power tool parts. You can just put in your part number and order what you need. Most manuals that come with the tools have a parts schematic you can refer to for any part that makes up the tool from the motor to the tiniest screw. It is easy to fix most power tools, and being able to get parts makes it even easier.

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