The Kind of Company I Want

There are three different ways a person can set up a business here in Singapore. The first is as a private limited company, the second is as a limited liability partnership, and the third is a a sole owner of the business. I knew that I needed to learn all about company incorporation in Singapore and determine which of the three that I wanted to have for my own company. That meant going online and finding a company that helps other companies get set up, so I would know exactly which route was better for me.

The first thing I did was learn about the three different incorporation types. I knew immediately that I did not want the limited liability partnership, because that was not retaining complete control. I knew that it would be riskier for myself, but I just did not want to have any partners, even if I had the majority of control. I wanted all of it, so I moved on to the private limited company. While this was better, it was still not what I wanted, which is why I settled on the sole proprietorship. This was not only the riskiest but also the simplest to set up.

The next thing I did was look at the different packages that this company has for starting companies. There is a lot of paperwork involved, and I knew that I needed this help. I was happy when I saw that I would just need the Quickstart package, which was the least expensive one for me. I would get the help that I needed with the initial setup, including having my company name reserved, the fee paid, my profile and constitution for my company done, and more. I am glad I did such careful research, because I got the best company to do this for me at a very reasonable rate.

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