Time for a Summertime Hair Removal

It’s getting to be summertime again soon and that means trips to the pool for myself and my daughter. I already started looking for laser hair removal in Singapore because the bathing suits are getting pretty ridiculous. While I’m no prude and not tied to the idea of going to the pool dressed in a one piece, or some sort of bathing dress women used to wear back in the 1920s for that matter, I still want myself and my daughter to look good. Unfortunately both of us have been cursed with an abundance of unsightly body hair thanks to bad genes.

There’s nothing worse than going out in the sun in a bathing suit with unsightly hair. It’s horrifying actually. I don’t like seeing it on other people so of course both myself and my daughter plan to do something about it. I looked around online for a solution and noticed pretty quickly that the old waxing method seems to have given way to using a laser process to get rid of unseemly hair. This process sounded like a great idea as the wax method really is unpleasant and causes a lot of pain. I used to dread going in for one of those treatments.

So we found a place that does this stuff and made appointments. I have to say technology is wonderful. I didn’t feel any pain at all. My daughter said she felt some quick twinges but that they weren’t painful in the least. I can also say this treatment seems to do a better job. There are no red marks at all after having it done. We’re now both ready to hit the pool and enjoy the sun. I’m not looking for a skimpier swimsuit, but I’m not dreading at all wearing the one that I picked out!

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